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Publisher’s Clearing House thinks that they have EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to the “PCH” term. Although PCH is an abbreviation of Pacific Coast Highway…Well, let’s see how many trademarks exist for PCH through the USPTO:

The First Trademark for PCH: Word Mark PCH Goods and Services IC 006. US 002 012 013 014 023 025 050. G & S: Fabricated metal buildings to house electrical power and control equipment, namely, switchgear, motor control centers, variable frequency drives, utilities for the gas turbine power generation, oil and gas, utility and renewables [...]

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Huntington Beach offers a nice variety of hangout spots from eating to drinking on Main Street.

Main Street & PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) is the place to be. Check it out. Ra Sushi is great. From Huntington Beach through Newport Beach through Laguna Beach, you will experience a great route of PCH driving. Make sure to let PCHBLOG.COM know about your trip.

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Newport Beach has many places to visit while traveling on PCH (PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY).

From Shopping to Bars, Restaurants, Hangout spots, lounges. PCH offers a wide variety of areas to chill. Be sure to visit your local Newport Beach Visitors Bureau for more information when traveling on PCH.

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This site is about Pacific Coast Highway, from Southern California to Northern California

Driving down the coastal line of California is a long drive, if you’re driving from Northern to Souther or Southern to Northern. Factoring about 8 hours for the long drive (without any stops) should be considered for the road trip. There are a lot of areas to visit, stop, and see, so keep this in [...]

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PCHBLOG.COM – Blogging on Pacific Coast Highway couldn’t be better.

While driving on PCH throughout California, PCH is a fun and exciting route due to it’s cooler climate, and beautiful views of Ocean, Water crashing into big rocks, and dolphins, birds, jets, and more. There are many areas to see along the way. So, pack your bags and picnic basket, you’re heading for a road [...]

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PCHBLOG.COM – the best PCHBLOG for Pacific Coast Highway.

The Clear Waters, the Fresh Air. You will experience this great offshore breeze and clean air breathing along the way. There are bridges which connect huge rocks with gaps, which are part of the route along the coastal line. PCH goes all the way.

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